Lose weight & work from home

After I had my first child, I was filled with overflowing joy.  I was also about 45 pounds overweight and dreading the day when my maternity leave would end and I would have to leave my son to go back to work.  I began to lose weight following a clinically-proven, meal-based system and I found it to be the easiest thing program I had ever done!  As I lost the weight, people around me started noticing and asking what I was doing.  I decided to pay it forward by joining the company and sharing the program with those around me.  Within 6 months I was helping many of my friends and family get healthy and I was earning enough income so that I didn’t have to go back to my full-time job.  I believe that our company offers the magic ticket for moms with kids of any age! We can get ourselves healthy and then create a meaningful, fulfilling business that can be done during naptime, while the kids are at school, or even during swimming lessons!